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Vigil and Tuck-In Programs

Vigil Program

No one should die alone. We believe patients and families should be supported at the end of life with a presence to assist during this time of transition. At Longleaf Hospice, a staff member or volunteer will sit with patients and help them through their end-of-life journey, providing comfort and reassurance. Even if it is just holding a patient or family members hand for hours, we will do whatever it takes to make sure the patient’s final hours are not lonely hours.

Tuck In Program

It can sometimes be overwhelming when patients are first admitted to hospice. Longleaf Hospice’s Tuck-In program provides additional support. Patients and families should always know that a nurse is available 24/7. However, to help us better serve your needs, staff and volunteers involved in this program will ensure that patients and families have the supplies they need and will check in on a patient’s pain status.