About Longleaf

We care about addressing the diverse, seen and unseen, needs of patients and their families.

Who We Are

We are deeply rooted in the communities we serve, and to the people who live and die there.​

Longleaf Hospice is a locally-owned hospice with offices located Covington, Atlanta & Roswell, offering end-of-life care to those with life limiting illnesses in the communities we serve. We believe that this very special care is best provided by professionals who live and work in the community they serve.

Longleaf Hospice was founded in 2009 to provide a hospice alternative for patients with cancer. Often times, patients diagnosed with cancer have symptoms that are more difficult to manage. Given the company conception, Longleaf Hospice is uniquely positioned to provide specialized care for cancer patients as well as an array of other diseases.  At Longleaf Hospice, we integrate and address the diverse, seen and unseen needs of patients and their families.

Our Mission

Our mission is to surround patients and their families with compassionate care.

Our “Circle of Care” concept surrounds the patient with support, ensuring the highest possible quality of life. Longleaf Hospice provides support to natural helpers, including family, friends, personal physicians and members of religious or social groups. The “Circle of Care” Teams are dedicated to helping the patient maintain his/her dignity, increasing their quality of life and providing comfort – not only for physical symptoms, but also for their emotional and spiritual needs.

We believe this is life’s most important journey. We consider it an honor to be able to travel this road with you and provide you and your loved ones with the support needed to be able to enjoy time together versus being consumed with the symptoms of an illness. This should be a time for families to be families.

The Longleaf Way

Our goal is to improve quality of life for patients and families. We seek to provide more good days for patients and peace of mind for families.


Our word is our bond and we treat everyone with respect.


We are open, honest and consistent in all forms of communication.


We go the extra mile to ensure every customer experience is a positive one.

Good Communication

We will keep you informed as to when we will arrive, listen to you about any concerns you may have, and keep you informed about the patient’s condition.

Available 24/7

We understand often families become anxious providing care for a loved one. We will be available including after hours, holidays, etc., respond in a timely manner, and visit as frequently as needed to do the best job possible.

Compassionate Care

We will provide a care team that really cares about the patient, and treat the patient with dignity & respect.

Personalized Support

We know emotional & spiritual support at end of life is critical but also personal We will strive to provide the “right amount” of religious, spiritual and, emotional support for the patient, caregiver & family.

Symptom Management

We will assess for & provide medications & treatments to assure pain is controlled, assess for difficulty in breathing & provide medications & treatments to allow the patient to breathe easier, and assess for anxiety & sadness and provide medications & emotional support.

Education and Training

We will discuss the side effects of pain medication when the patient experiences pain, provide training for medication and care techniques, and provide information about what to expect when end of life is imminent.

Join The Team

We would love to talk to you about joining the Longleaf team!

Longleaf Hospice nurses are special people as they eloquently deal with the powerful emotional that accompany their work. They do what they do because they know how important and meaningful the impact their work has on others.  If that sounds like you, apply today!