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About Us

Longleaf Hospice is a locally-owned hospice with offices located in Atlanta and Covington, offering end-of-life care to those with life limiting illnesses in the communities we serve. We believe that this very special care is best provided by professionals who live and work in the community they serve.

Longleaf Hospice was founded in 2009 to provide a hospice alternative for patients with cancer. Often times, patients diagnosed with cancer have symptoms that are more difficult to manage. Given the company conception, Longleaf Hospice is uniquely positioned to provide specialized care for cancer patients as well as an array of other diseases.

Our “Circle of Care” concept surrounds the patient with support, ensuring the highest possible quality of life. Longleaf Hospice provides support to natural helpers, including family, friends, personal physicians and members of religious or social groups. The “Circle of Care” Teams are dedicated to helping the patient maintain his/her dignity, increasing their quality of life and providing comfort – not only for physical symptoms, but also for their emotional and spiritual needs.

At Longleaf Hospice, we integrate and address the diverse, seen and unseen needs of patients and their families.