Palliative Care​

Palliative Care aims to improve quality of life for patients and their families by providing relief from symptoms and pain, alleviating emotional stressors and honoring patient care goals.


Longleaf respects the relationship each patient has with their physician.

We seek to become an extension of the physician’s office in order to provide the continuum of care tailed to the individual patients’ needs.

Palliative care is not hospice care. It does not replace the patient’s primary treatment. Instead, it works in conjunction with the primary treatment being received as an extra layer of support. Palliative care focuses on the pain symptoms and stress of a serious illness most often as an adjunct to curative care modalities. Treatments are not limited and can range from conservative to aggressive.

Your Palliative Care Team

Palliative care is provided by specialized doctors, certified registered nurse practitioners (CRNPs), social workers and chaplains all working together with the patient’s doctors to provide an extra layer of support. Your team provides:

  • Time to devote to family meetings & patient/family counseling.
  • Skilled communication about what to expect in the future to ensure care is matched to the goals of the patient & family.
  • Expert management of physical & emotional symptoms, including pain, depression, anxiety, fatigue, shortness of breath, constipation, nausea, loss of appetite & difficulty sleeping.
  • Coordination and communication of care plans among all providers and across all settings.
  • A personalized approach to advanced illness management.

To speak to a Longleaf Hospice grief counselor, please call 770-939-9179.

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When you book a free consultation with us, we will answer any questions you might have about Hospice Care, our services, and our team. We want to understand your loved one’s health condition. If they are eligible for Hospice care, we will work together to figure out the best plan for their unique needs.

Additional Care Options

Explore our other care options to find the best fit for your loved one.

Respite Care

Temporary relief for the patient’s primary caregiver.

Our respite care options allow primary caregivers to take a break, reconnect, disconnect, or just tend to their individual needs.

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Routine Hospice Care

Provided in a residential setting to ensure comfort and security.

Receive regularly scheduled visits to address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of your loved ones in your preferred residential setting.

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Inpatient Hospice Care

Simple pain and symptom management for families and patients.

Our goal for inpatient hospice care is to improve our patient’s quality of life. We also include the family in our care plan so that everyone receives the support they need.

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Crisis Hospice Care

Providing necessary comfort during a pain or symptom crisis.

We offer around-the-clock hospice care services to address the concerns of patients facing life-limiting conditions and provide support for their families.

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Grief Support

Receive the support you need during the natural grieving process.

Our team consists of highly trained, kind, and professional members who deliver a care plan for alleviating the grieving process and improving quality of life.

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