Longleaf Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Longleaf Family,

As I’m sure you aware, The country is facing a challenging healthcare crisis and dealing with the COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We want to assure you that Longleaf is aware of the risk and are prepared to continue the care of your loved one.

Our staff receives extensive education and training and job specific infection control based on recommendations from the Center for Disease Control. Our staff has access to written infection prevention policy based on the latest guidelines from the Center for Disease Control. Our team is monitoring daily all information so that we can assure that we are providing most current information available.

Our commitment to you is to continue to provide you with the best care and to prevent exposure of Coronavirus to you and your family. Many of the facilities, (assisted living facilities, skilled nursing homes, and hospitals) are restricting access to prevent the spread of the virus. At times, as necessary for the protection of your family and our staff, we may be making telehealth visits instead of in person visits. But understand that we are available anytime for any urgent needs. We will be in communication to assure that we are taking all precautions but are able to properly care for the patients involved.

During this time of additional caution to reduce the transmission of this virus and other communicable diseases, our goal is to assure that we still provide your needs but limit unnecessary contact. Our employees are without fever and any symptoms prior to work each day. We will call you prior to each visit with some simple screening questions. We also asked that during our visit if you would practice “social distancing“ for everyone’s protection. That means if our caregiver could be with your patient and only the primary caregiver during the visit. Our staff is properly trained and will have the necessary personal protective equipment should it be necessary.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve your family. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.


Missy Tompkins RN

Executive Director

A Message From Longleaf:

In the midst of the current Coronavirus pandemic, Longleaf wants to ensure that our patients and their families have the resources,  knowledge and communication channels they need to stay safe during these times.

Prevention and safety:
Our staff is taking extra care to maintain cleanliness and reduce contact to levels recommended by the Center for Disease Control. Our staff is trained in the most current infection control procedures for your protection.  We are operating with reduced staff in our offices to allow for “social distancing,” but we are fully staffed remotely to continue to support the families we serve. The CDC has provided excellent and thorough insights on how to live safely in the midst of outbreaks, which can be found HERE.

Daily COVID-19 status report:
The Georgia Department of Public Health tracks the latest coronavirus-related statistics daily for all Georgia counties. While we at Longleaf are closely intune with GDHP updates as they unfold, you can view the latest comprehensive information at any time HERE.

Home Visits:
Our commitment is to continue to provide excellent end of life care for the families we serve.  As the coronavirus continues to spread, “telehealth” visits may replace in-person visits in some cases for your safety.  This includes chaplains, social workers, hospice aides and volunteers. Your nurse case manager will keep you informed. Always know that we will be available for any urgent needs.  Also, while we are in the home, we ask that you “social distance” by having our staff with the patient and only the primary caregiver in the room.

Palliative Care:
During this time, our palliative care nurse practitioners will continue to provide care and are available for new admissions.  For your protection and the protection of our staff, these visits may be via “telehealth” as well, unless an in-person visit is required. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a change in condition.